Bruce Young Fine Art


Bread, Wine and Incense

(collection of the artist)

I was born and raised about an hour north of the Montana/Alberta border and an hour east of the Rockies. There was prairie right outside my back door and you could see Chief Mt. and the Rockies to the west. I don’t remember a day without wind and very few days that did not have a brilliant blue sky and penetrating sun, even in winter. I remember spear grass fights, meadowlark songs and Chinooks. All the building blocks for a landscape artist were there.

I went to the University of Lethbridge being awarded a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences, did a Master's degree in London England and a  PhD in London Ontario and finally an MD at Calgary. I painted throughout but only in recent years started painting professionally.

I moved to Minnesota in 1996. In Minnesota I have learned to enjoy the lakes and forests and have improved my understanding of the Woodland School and the Group of Seven . However I continue to love the more subtle, earthy palette of  the prairies and the mountains.

I do portraits in a manner of the midwest social realists. I do some still life's. However, I am mostly drawn to the prairies and mountains that  always talk to me through the wind.